Community Healing

Community Healing

"Community healing is a dynamic process that continues to evolve through experimentation and learning but, regardless of the process chosen by a community, the goal of healing is to restore a sense of balance and wellness within the victim, offender, their families and the community. " - Ed Buller, Director, Aboriginal Corrections Policy Unit Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

Intentional Spaces

We have community healing for intentional spaces for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC Communities.  Rootead uses Yoga & Meditation for healing the community.

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Cultural Arts

Rootead's Cultural Arts creates cross-cultural communication and heals the internal self and the community. It centers the needs of the BIPOC community members by creating intentional space to celebrate Black and Brown heritage. It is done in a way open to all but encourages under-served communities to access various cultural art forms easily.

Performance & Workshops

Bring Rootead facilitators to your site to teach about West African Drum & Dance and/or perform!


Community Drum & Dance

Rootead facilitates intentional spaces for families and intergenerational experiences using cultural and healing arts.

Rootead also offers some Adult Drum & Dance classes. There is also opportunity for Drum Circles! Check the calendar to register for our classes.

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Cultural Agility Courses

Businesses, organizations, and groups seeking anti-racist and cultural competency can request a course hosted by one of our Rootead facilitators.

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About Radicle

Radicle is a safe, intergenerational space for LGBTQIA+ identified people, centering QTBIPOC voices, experiences and wellness. We offer healing spaces through art and communal gatherings as an initiative of Rootead.

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Radicle Families

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Mix & Match

Saturday, July 16

4:00PM - 8:00PM 

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Radicle Families

Dates: July 13th-Dec. 14th

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

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Mission: Connecting residents of color to therapists of color ​for the healing of racial trauma.

The Black and Brown Therapy Collective was created in response to community needs, through a partnership between TRHT Kalamazoo, Rootead, and local clinicians and advocates.


Mix & Match

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Radicle Families

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Once we receive information, we will determine your needs and match you with a therapist in our collective, or refer you to other services as needed. Once you’re connected, please stay in touch! We want your feedback to grow our collective. Our coordinator will review forms to help connect you with a clinician. Click the button to fill out the form below

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Radicle Testimonials

The Art Medicine workshop was truly healing for my weary soul. After such a long time of not feeling that creative spark this was just what I needed. I laughed, cried a little and have a piece of art with a story. Great Job!”  - Kymi Toliver, Art Medicine Attendee
So happy there’s a safe space for queer parents.  Thank you. - CR, Radicle Families participant
This program was wonderful, helpful, and healing. Thank you for all of your effort and bringing this offering. - Sarah, Queer Grief Circle participant

Black & Brown Therapy Testimonials

My experience was great! The BBTC answered all of my questions, and helped me find someone who fit my requirements. I really wanted a queer, or affirming, POC, and the BBTC helped me find someone.                - Anonymous
So far, the experience has been amazing because of the tenacious support of the BBTC. All emails were quickly responded to, and I felt finding help for me was important for the BBTC. I was happy to hear that therapists are vetted to ensure that their values align with the BBTC. It's still early days but I am truly grateful. - Anonymous
I'm grateful for the access that has been provided to me to take care of my whole body, where prior to this initiative, I could not foresee when mental wellness could have been accessible in my near future.                - Anonymous