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Red Birth Green Testimonials

“I finally feel like someone is on my side and I didn’t feel pressured.  I learned how to fight for myself and my baby.”
“[My doula] believed me and understood how things really are.”
“My first birth was so traumatic. I was scared to go through that again alone and [my doula] showed me I didn't have to.”
“Thx for always picking up. Even though I’m not a client or nothing…plus you didn’t know me like that, y'all answer my questions and gave me ideas of stuff to try to help my boys.”
“This is incredible.  Our community needs this; WE need this.  It’s too hard to do it alone.”
“I’m so happy baby is here and off my bladder.  You’re here.  I’m safe now.”
“So happy this (RBG) exists for young moms like me.  My mom isn't really in my life like that, so sometimes I don't know what to do.  My doulas helped a lot.”